Pool Table Lights

For those who love the game of pool, there is no higher aspiration than to have a pool table of their very own at home. As a pool player, you know this to be true. And if you already have a pool table or are planning on getting one, you already know that having a table is only the beginning of your responsibilities. You will have to make sure that there is room for the table. You must also have the necessary equipment to play and make sure that there is adequate lighting to see during your games. While you could just install a series of overhead lights on the ceiling of your playing area, you know that would not capture the authentic flavor of a real pool hall. To get the most out of your pool table and the overall ambiance of your playing area, you need pool table lights whether they be electric or solar.

The Right Size

Of course, if you are going to get pool table lights, you may as well get the right lights for your table. That means that you have to understand what you are looking for. As with most things in life, there is a right way and a wrong way to select the lights for your table and the right way involves using a simple formula to calculate the correct lighting for your playing surface. In this case, the formula simply ensures that you have five inches of lighting for each foot of table length. That means that a 7-foot table requires a total of 35 inches of lighting.

Choosing Your Style

The next step after you have finished your calculations and determined what lights you need involves shopping around for the lights you want. What you are looking for will depend in large measure on what style you have chosen to use when decorating your pool room. Are you going for a look similar to the bars and pool halls you have frequented or something more theme-oriented? Having large photographs of such pool greats as Minnesota Fats, Ralph Greenleaf, and Willie Mosconi can add an old-time flavor to your personal pool hall while serving as both inspiration for yourself and a celebration of the legends who ruled the cue sticks before you.

Shopping Around

Because of the technological nature of the world in which we live, the Internet is perhaps your greatest source for finding the exact type of lighting that suits your style. On the Internet, you can find everything from classical stained glass lighting adorned with popular beer logos to lights with just about any design you can imagine or no design at all. There are even discount stores online that enable you to purchase models that are either going out of style or that are in low demand. However, when purchasing these models, be sure to order a number of extra bulb lights since they may be difficult to find later on.

Setting the Tone

Once you have your pool table lights, be sure that your lighting arrangement does just what it is designed to do and no more. Pool table lights should illuminate only the area around the pool table. Other lighting in the room should provide additional illumination for the bar area and so on. The tip is to create an intimate area with one purpose in mind – playing a serious game of pool.

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