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Choosing a Long-Lasting Flag Display Case

If a loved one of yours was honored with a Memorial flag, it can sometimes be difficult to display the flag with the proper presentation and respect that it deserves.  Investing in a flag display case will ensure that the flag is protected and preserved for generations to come.  Depending on the location of your display and the required durability, there are a number of display options that may be appropriate.  Don’t be afraid to spend a bit more on a case now, because a good case will not need to be replaced so it will save you money down the road.

Flag Display Case Construction Options

The least expensive display cases are made of compressed paper core with a wood laminate finish and a Plexiglas display window.  Glue and staples are used to hold the box together.  These display cases should not be moved regularly, and you may find that they crack or splinter over time.  In humid spaces, the laminate tends to peel or warp.  Slight durability is gained if the core is made of particleboard, but these cases are still inferior to solid wood construction.  The best flag display cases you can buy are made of wood with glass display fronts.  You can choose any soft or hardwood you like for the desired finish.  The wood grain itself is beautiful, easy to keep clean, and the traditional look will complement the flag that is on display.

How to Identify Quality

You are always better off selecting a handcrafted display case built in the US over a mass-manufactured box from overseas.  Woodworkers take a lot of pride in their work and the finished product is superior in terms of materials, construction, and craftsmanship.  The best flag display cases are assembled using wood screws and dovetailing.  The careful notching of the wooden pieces locks them together without the need for additional hardware.  Buying from a trusted dealer who will stand by their product and/or offer a warranty can save you a few headaches, and let you feel more confident in your purchase.

A glass window rather than Plexiglas will prevent scratching or fogging with age.  The glass really gives the display case a more professional look, and you don’t have to worry about scratching the glass or discoloring the surface with different cleaners or detergents.

Customizable Flag Display Cases

The overall size and shape of most flag display cases are similar.  The frame is large enough to securely hold a folded flag, and triangular frames are available if you want to save on a bit of space.  Some retailers give you the option of engraving the frame or glass with a quote, name, or year in commemoration of the loved one who received the flag.  Engraving is surprisingly inexpensive and gives a nice personalized touch to the display piece.  The frame is fit with either a locking door or sliding removable back to easy get the flag into position.  The square or rectangular cases can be used as tabletops or as wall hangings.

The primary function of your display case should be to keep the flag clean and protect it from normal wear and tear.  A solid wood case with glass display window looks great in an office or computer room.  By choosing a well-made display case, you can ensure that your special flag and the memories it represents will last for years to come.  The variety of wood finishes used guarantee that your display case will look great with the rest of your décor.  Choose a simple oak or walnut for a light wood accent, or a deeper cherry or rich mahogany to make more of a statement.

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