Budweiser Stained Glass Pool Table Light

So you have your own pool table at last and have cleared out the perfect spot for it in your basement or family room. You have installed your own mini-bar, outfitted yourself with pool cues and a nice supply of chalk, and even invited some friends over for a few friendly games over a couple of beers. Your intent had been to create an environment in which you can all enjoy the game you so love without the distraction of being in a noisy bar but something just does not feel right and you can tell that your friends know it too. After some consideration, you realize that the problem is in the room’s lights; you do not have that over-the-table illumination that you find in all your favorite pool haunts. Never fear! The answer to your dilemma is as simple as obtaining a pool table light. One of the best that you can find is the Budweiser 28-inch stained glass pool table light lamp.

The Budweiser Brand

You have probably even seen similar lights in some of the bars where you previously played pool. The Budweiser label is, after all, one of the world’s most-recognized. These lamps are officially licensed by the Budweiser corporation and are emblazoned with the company label. The self-proclaimed “King of Beers” has always been a popular choice for bar owners wishing to showcase their imagined affiliations with the big beer producers. It would be easy to dismiss these lamps as just another vain attempt by Budweiser to slap their logo on anything even remotely bar-related but such a dismissive attitude would be selling them short.

The Features

The fact is that the trademark Budweiser Stained Glass Lamp is one of the bet on the market. Entirely handmade from the finest crafted stained glass found anywhere, it contains a real brass pull chain for the power, and a 10-foot cable for the power cord – complete with a totally modern 3-prong plug. The hanging chain is three feet in length, which should provide almost every home pool table owner with enough distance to properly hang his or her lights. The 100-volt lighting capacity is more than enough for the needs of most pool tables on the market today.


If there is a drawback to the trademark Budweiser 28 inch Stained Glass Pool Table Light Lamp, it lies in the power cord. The length is not really long enough to service a table located in the middle of a large game room, especially if there are no electrical outlets on the ceiling. As a result, you will either have to rewire the room to include such outlets or utilize an extension cord on the ceiling. You will also have to examine your room’s needs to determine whether the cord will present any problems for you and if so, how easily said problems can be overcome.

A Great Buy

Overall, this Budweiser pool table lamp is a great buy for most pool table owners. Available on amazon.com for around $350 retail, it is one of the pricier models you can buy, which may discourage some from trying it. However, for the sheer pleasure of endowing your game room with an authentic Budweiser lamp, the cost is a small price to pay.

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