Solar Shed Light Guide & Store

Since they are designed for indoor and outdoor use, solar shed lights are among the most popular solar lights on the market today.  They differ from similar lights such as a solar flood light, in that they are not triggered by motion.  They have a conventional on/off switch.

Solar shed lights will not add a penny to your electric bill, since they are 100% self-sufficient.  They come with a small solar panel, and those are used to charge a set of batteries.  These batteries power the light.  Most of the lights that fall into the category of solar shed lights only have a few small batteries, and put out about as much light as does an ordinary household flashlight.

Of course, this makes for rather limited utility.  They are very good for finding your way around a garage or a building at night.  But they are of almost no use at all for doing detailed work. So they work best as a nightlight in homes and businesses.

Today’s Most Popular Solar Shed Lights 

The most popular and most trusted name in the business today is Gamasonic.  One of their latest offerings in solar shed lights is the GS-16 line.  With this revolutionary line of solar shed lights, you have a choice of LED or fluorescent lights.  They also come with a built-in nightlight that makes it safe and easy to find the on/off switch even on the darkest of nights. The real innovation in this line of products is that they come with a compass.  This makes it simple to adjust the solar panels to where they are able to gain maximum sunlight exposure.

But there are drawbacks to this product.  You are very limited as to where you can place it because it comes with only a 10-foot cord. Some people are also put off by the price tag, which is over $110.

Solar Shed Lights That Can Be Used As Conventional Lights 

Gamasonic also makes solar shed lights that are suitable for mounting on the ceiling, just like a conventional light.  With these Crown type lights, the solar panel is installed on the roof above the light.  Since you will have to connect the solar panel with the light, you have have to cut a hole in your roof, and seal it.  While this is a more permanent option, the light it produces is still rather weak.  But it does cost less than the G-16 line.

Other Well Known Solar Shed Light Manufacturers 

You have several good options other than the most popular maker, and one of the best is Designer’s Edge.  They are best known for being the maker of the L-949 Solar Panel Shed Light.  This product comes with 10 LED lights, that are designed to last long-term.  The solar panel that comes with this unit charges three AAA batteries, and these batteries can last for up to a year.

You can however, go to your local hardware store and purchase some NiMh batteries, which can last for several years, making them a perfect match for this solar shed light.

Most solar shed lights cost in the range of $40, so think long and hard about what you need them for, before you spend any more than that.

Solar Shed Light Guide & Store